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Consulting and Managed Services
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Experienced Consultants Make The Difference

The Importance of Managed Services

Managed services is a new model for leveraging outsourced talent to deliver solutions.

Once thought of as a way for companies to save on IT expenditures,, it is now considered an integral part of any plan to develop innovation and help transform IT teams into more current technologies and processes.

As Atlanta’s premier managed services provider, Bright Byte provides answers to immediate IT challenges, and helps clients plan for what’s coming next.  We approach our managed services engagements with an eye on understanding your business, documenting your systems, and ensuring a complete understanding of the problem and the solution before we make a single move to make changes.

The Changing Staffing Landscape

Labor strategies grow more and more challenging everyday. Bright Byte Consulting helps companies navigate the complexities of staffing technology projects by maintaining solid relationships with skilled resources who are fearless when it comes to learning and improving systems. Whether it’s outsourcing, managed services, or statement of work (SOW) resources, we can help you with any variety of sourcing models, with unmatched expertise and the kind of operational support that ensures successful outcomes.

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